Palestinians under Israeli occupation, including refugees living in the diaspora, continue to suffer because a negligent international community has failed to protect their freedoms and rights. This toolkit is intended to give Palestinian rights supporters the essential information and advice needed to campaign for justice for Palestinians under Israeli occupation, both all-year-round and during times of heightened levels of Israeli oppression. We have adapted the contents from a similar toolkit for pro-Israel supporters who seek to justify the occupation of Palestine, maintaining the violent and unjust status quo.

This toolkit contains ‘how to’ guides and sets out the basics for each kind of campaign activity, including fact sheets about key aspects of the case for justice in Palestine. The key to shifting British foreign policy on Palestine is to continue informing public opinion about Israel’s settler colonial project in Palestine and to develop individual personal relationships with people, making us better placed to influence.


We Believe in Palestine | Activist Toolkit is initiated and published by EuroPal Forum, an independent organisation advocating Palestinian rights and working to achieve a positive and accurate public opinion on Palestine.

EuroPal Forum aims to initiate and expand its network of relations to propagate and mobilise support for Palestinian rights. It aims to build networks with media and research institutions and highlight the Palestinian issue within mainstream European media and European political discourse, as well as expose Israeli violations against Palestinians.



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